The Blood of Titans

The Blood of Titans - C. Michael Forsyth


Title: The Blood of Titans
Author: C. Michael Forsyth
Publisher: Freedom's Hammer Books
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"The Blood of Titans" by C. Michael Forsyth

Book Description...

"The Blood of Titans is a unique love story set in the Golden Age of Africa. It is the tale of Halima, a teenage princess who falls in love with a warrior king. Enormous obstacles lie in the way of their happiness. In the course of their adventures, Princess Halima learns about loss, duty, and the high price of romantic love -- and must make a choice that determines the future of kingdoms."

What I liked about the novel....

I found this novel a good romance fiction novel mostly written in third person and I wasn't able to put down until I had entirely finished it. There would be a important decision for this princess Halima who was only fifteen at this time to make. Would she marry the neighboring King (The People of the Snake and Baka Kingdoms)to prevent wars between the nations or her true love that she has found along this journey? What has happened? It seems like during the travel there will be a encounter of the giants of Baka Kingdom and this will be where Halima will offer herself a slave and a potential wife in exchange for her servants go free to get help...and this is when this novel takes off. This author really works this well written storyline as Halima makes it to this chosen kingdom to marry or will there be some obstacles that will cause her to change her mind? This is where I say you must pick up this action packed good read with some twist to see how this author will bring it all out to the reader. Believe me, it will be captivating story. Be ready for some 'proverbs, songs, stories and culture' that will be presented in the read with some interesting descriptions of Africa.

"The Blood of Titans" will have several different kinds of kind from her family/kingdom and then the others from The People of the Snake and Baka Kingdoms both being somewhat interesting people who seem for the some were for the most part well develop, defined, lovable, loyal and believable.

What I especially loved about this novel...

Not only did I like the good read but I also loved this book cover. At first when I looked at the cover I thought that this novel was of fantasy but it really was a romantic read with a historic detailed touches where you will find yourself wanting to help Halima with some of her choices. Would I recommend "The Blood of Titans as a good read?" YES!