Game For Love

Game for Love - Bella Andre


Title: Game For Love
Author: Bella Andre
Publisher: B.A.
Series: Bad Boys of Football # 1
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 4

"Game For Love" by Bella Andre

Book Description...

"In a relationship built on lies...the only truth is their feelings for each other.

To fulfill his grandmother's dying wish, linebacker Cole Taylor must find and marry a good girl. First grade teacher Anna Davis fits the bill perfectly. Their deal is simple: If she'll be his temporary wife, he'll give her more pleasure than she ever imagined was possible.

Only, love is the ultimate game-changer."

What I liked about the novel.....

I thought this was a good love story of Anna Davis and Cole Taylor and you will find once you start reading it you will not want to put it down until the end. The main part of this storyline was of Cole's who was a football player's dying grandmother wanting to see him married and settled down with a 'good girl.' How was Cole to make that happen when he date everything but 'good girls'? For Anna who had been in Vegas for his sister's wedding seemed to the odd girl in the family...being boring as oh yes very predicable. What will she do to break out of this shell that she seems to be in? Well she meets Cole and this is where this story take off. Is this the 'good girl' that Cole needs to help him pull of this situation for his grandmother? What will happen as Anna finds out more about Cole as they will be united in Holy Matrimony? Will this marriage last since it looks like this is a marriage of convenience? There will be a lots going on in this read for these two as they bring in their family and friends into their situation. You will just have to pick up this good read to see for yourself how this author will bring out "Game For Love" to the readers. It will a very interesting read seeing how these two will break down their walls with each other. I found the read a sweet , humorous read and also I do not want to fail to mention the hot steamy sex scenes that seem to explode off the pages.

Would I recommend? Yes, this is another one of this author's good love stories!