For Better and Worse

For Better and Worse (Trouble In Paradise Book 3) - Stephanie Nicole Norris

Title: For Better and Worse
Author: Stephanie Nicole Norris
Publisher: Love Is A Drug
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"For Better and Worse" by Stephanie Nicole Norris

"Coming out of hibernation, Danielle Shumaker has put behind her the pain and misery she’s caused Victoria and Joshua. Blinded by her selfishness her ultimate goal is still her main one. As far as Danielle’s concerned Joshua belongs to her, always has and always will. No amount of therapy can cure her love addiction and no matter what anyone says she will fight for him, even if she has to kill someone AGAIN.

Wedding bells are in Victoria and Joshua’s future, Victoria is excited to be Mrs. Eubanks. However, when she closes her eyes at night, Greg invades her dreams, the passion and love leaves her wanting more and waking with doubt about her upcoming marriage. How will she get over this man or does she even want to?"

What I liked about this novel....

All I can say is this was another one of this author's well written novels that I enjoyed reading from cover to cover. "For Better and Worse" will definitely keep your attention from start to finish with all of its drama. Be prepared to start with a dream and a ending that you will find yourself asking yourself if you are in a nightmare at the hand of....well you will have to pick up this intriguing read to see for yourself! I found most of the characters simply off the chart being well developed, well portrayed, engaging, and so well depicted that gives the reader a rather interesting story. Now, I will say this isn't a happy story so be ready for all the drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat and even leave you wanting to know what will happen in the next novel from that ending. Well done to the author for another good read. I will add to truly understand what all has happened earlier in this novel the reader needs to read the other two novels...'Trouble In Paradise and Vengeful Intentions' by this author first before reading 'For Better and Worse." With that being said I would definitely recommend "For Better and Worse" as a good read.