Come Home For Christmas, Cowboy

Come Home for Christmas, Cowboy (Montana Born Christmas Book 5) - Megan Crane

Book Description:

"This Christmas season, Christina Grey Cooper has finally accepted that her marriage to her college sweetheart Dare is over.

So she packs up her things, leaves a note, and heads back home for Marietta, Montana in the hope that a Christmas with her family will help piece her head—if not her heart—back together.

Dare isn’t about to let the love of his life go, and who cares if that’s what he thought he wanted? He’ll do what it takes to win Christina back—even if that means suffering through Christmas with his in-laws, pretending to still be happily married for the sake of family harmony, and trying not to get caught up in all that holiday nonsense he’s never believed in…

But Christmas is magical, especially in Montana.

And if Dare has any hope of convincing Christina to give him one more chance, it’s going to be here…"

Title: Come Home for Christmas, Cowboy By: Megan Crane
Publisher: Montana Born Books, Tule Publisher Series: Montana Born Christmas Book 5
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean Rating: 4

Come Home for Christmas, Cowboy By: Megan Crane

What I like about this novel:

This story was one of second chances. We find that after a year and a half Christina packs up after her thirtieth birthday and ten years of marriage and heads back to her home to her parents in Mariette Montana to spend the Christmas holiday. Christina believes her ten year of marriage is over. But unknowing to her Dare(her husband) will follow her and try to win her back during this Christmas holiday. Will there be magic for this couple during this Christmas time? Will this happen for this couple who have had so many highs and lows in their dysfunctional marriage. It seems like these two are opposites of each other. I liked how this author brings this all out for the reader showing how Christina and Dare's POV through confrontations they had with each other. What was so good was seeing them in this healing process at the end. I will say this isn't just a romance with a happy ending but one of a healing with forgiveness and much love. Will this Christmas miracle happen for this couple? This is were I will say you will have to pick up the good read to see for yourself how well this author brings it all out. I would recommend this novel to you as a good read.