Three Christmas By Kat Bastion & Stone Bastion

Three Christmases - Kat Bastion, Stone Bastion


Title: Three Christmases Authors: Kat Bastion & Stone Bastion
Publishers: K.B. & S.B. Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Series: No Wedding #4 Rating: 5

"Three Christmas" by Kat Bastion and Stone Bastion

Book Description....

"As the holiday season approaches in this fourth book in the No Weddings Series, Cade Michaelson strives to be better at balancing work and love, and Hannah Martin’s growing ability to trust is put to the test. Lust and friendship brought us together, but with the increasing demands of my two businesses, Hannah’s thriving bakery, and our successful event-planning company, stability becomes my focus.

Then a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity takes me to the West Coast, and everything goes into a tailspin.
Laughter, love, and excitement fill our lives, but Cade refuses to settle into the wonderful bliss we’ve found—he wants spectacular fireworks and an unshakable foundation. Driven like no one I’ve ever met, Cade insists a dream job across the country will be better for our future together, but I worry about whether we can survive the present apart.

When intimate time diminishes…and lives get more hectic…

Will a little bit of faith be all that it takes? Or will the sacrifice to get there be too great?"

What I liked about this novel....

This was a beautiful series that I have enjoyed reading by these two authors. There will be a lots happening in this series. From Hannah learning of her father...then her boyfriend Cade is offered a international job far away....will he leave Philly? And now we have from this read three Christmas parties. I will say to truly understand it all you must read the first two novels before reading this one, so I wouldn't recommend this one for a standalone read. These authors have really worked their magic in giving the reader a good read of "Three Christmases" of how Cade will make this holiday into a very special occasion for the both of them. This has been some journey with Cade and Hannah realizing finally that being together was more important than their careers. I thought these authors did a wonderful job with this well written story with this long distance relationship that wasn't a smooth ride as was showed in each on the main characters POV. With "Three Christmases" the reader with get some very good lovable characters, a real entertaining and real story that will be filled with wit and humor. Would I recommend this series? YES!