Mine Tonight

Mine Tonight - Lisa Marie Perry

Book Description....

"The night that changed everything…

After being dumped by her fiancé and losing her shot at TV stardom, Bindi Paxton just wants to get out of town. But there's no escaping the past—not even on the beautiful Seychelles Islands. And when her attraction to former Las Vegas Slayers heir Santino Franco culminates in a night of sizzling passion, she has to fight her feelings for a man who could hurt her deeper than any other has before.

Santino came to the islands to find the man responsible for the injury that ended his pro-football career. Ending up in bed with Bindi is a mistake they both regret. Except he now needs her help to find his fugitive father. And—heaven help him—he's starting to fall for the stunning Sin City reporter. He can't change their history…but he'd give anything for one more night, and maybe forever, in her arms."

Title: Mine Tonight
Author: Lisa Marie Perry
Publisher: Harlequin Kimani
Series: The Blue Dynasty # 4
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Mine Tonight" by Lisa Marie Perry

"What I enjoyed from this read...

This turned out to be a very interesting story of Bindi Paxton and Santino Franco who learn get a good lesson in trusting each other. I will say to truly understand what all has gone on in this story I would suggest you read all the previous series of 'The Blue Dynasty 1-3.' With saying that we find Bindi a reporter has been dumped by her finance (Santino's father) and tries to escape it all by going to the Seychelles Islands only Santino Franco is in the need of answers to finding his father so this is where this story gets interesting. What will happen when these two meet up is somewhat predictable however, there will be some twist and turns that will be presented making "Mine Today" a captivating story with both of these main characters who have been battered having to face their past in order to get on with their future. I found for the most parts of this novel all of the characters especially some from the other series well developed, well portrayed and believable giving the reader a well written story.

What I especially liked about this read....

I liked how this author presented Bindi who had a very complicated life was able to finally come out of that hold her father had on her. I often wondered what made her tick then finding out about what had happened to her at a early age did make the read a little more understandable as to why she was steered to older men. However, having meet having met Santino would this be a life changing experience for Bindi?

In the end what will happen as Bindi and Santino let each other into their life? Will there be any redemption for these two in this story? This is where I say to find out the answer to these questions and more you must pick up "Mine Today" to see how this author presents such a wonderful good read to the readers. It will be a very intriguing read in the end!