Kremlin Tide

Kremlin Tide (Atlanta X-Men Homicide Unit Case File #2) - Cortez Law III

Book Description....

"A meeting of criminal minds with a shared hatred of America. But can the love of God and a woman prevent Armageddon?

Anastasiya Goldberg came to America to start a new life. She was a wife, a faithful church member and a target. When a 911 call reports a murder at the church, Atlanta Homicide Sergeant Malcolm Hobbs and his Detectives nicknamed, ‘The X-Men’, want to know who the shooter was, where is the witness who made the call…and just who is the victim?

Then a series of grisly murders with similar M.O. blanket the city. The consensus by the Atlanta Police Department is the city has a serial killer on the loose. As the case progresses, Malcolm and The X-Men, discover a Russian link to the victims and the perpetrators. If the connection is correct, they can finally close the case. However, a key component to their investigation is missing.

Hobbs and The X-Men investigate Anastasiya Goldberg’s background and discover her coming to America was crucial to a number of people in Atlanta and Russia …from her closest Russian emigrant friends to a consortium of international entrepreneurs with the mutual goal to evade detection by the Atlanta Police led by the elite X-Men Homicide Unit.

But for Hobbs, a man who slowly pieces his shattered life and walk of faith in God back together again, it’s a labyrinth of danger with a countdown certain to confront him and The X-Men with the ultimate nightmare."

Title: Kremlin Tide
Author: Cortez Law III
Publisher: Metro Black & Blue Books
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Kremlin Tide" by Cortez Law III

What I liked from this novel.....

This author really knows how the 'criminal mind' works having read this story that will show all of that in this captivating read but also in this story there will be some forgiveness too. I will say when I first read 'Kremlin Tide' was about I wondered would I really like this type of read which was a deep mystery however, after getting into the read it was not bad at all. I liked how this author helped the reader flow into each chapter presenting at the beginning of a new chapter he let us know just where we were in the read because this novel moves, moves and moves a lot in the read bringing so many twist and turns that you will have to keep up with it that is going on. From the start of the read... from the "911 call murder reports a murder at the church...till the end the reader will be found turning the pages till the end.

For this Sergeant Malcolm Hobbs and his Detectives, the X-Men Homicide Unit really had their hands full in this read. This story will keep your interest as you reads about a Russian Mafia group of bad people who were serial killers on the loose there in Atlanta, Georgia. Will Sergeant Hobbs and his team be able to bring down this terrorism down and then afterwards what then? What had happened and was going on with these Russian immigrates that they felt the need of doing what that did? Now, this is where I say you will have to pick up "Kremlin Tide" and read it for yourself to see how this author gives the reader this well written story. It was quite interesting how these good people: Malcolm, Pepper, Svetlana, Shepherd, Orlando, Selena, Hobbs, Allen, Agents Pratt, Thompkin and I am sure I have left out a few who were able to get this bad element of people down...finally getting their hands on ....... I will say that all of these characters were simply off the chart good, well developed, defined, characterized, real and oh so believable. I found it quite interesting at the end of the read what happened to those two criminals. It really makes one wonder is this what happens to some of the crooks that are put away in our prisons? The christian references that were brought into this read was really special in how this author was able to put this into this story and it being done so well. As you read you can get the feel of what had happened to each one who had this experience with God especially for Malcolm and Pepper.

What I especially liked about this novel...

At the end of this novel when Malcolm Hobbs was able to ask for forgiveness, rededicating his life and be welcome back into the church was truly a wonderfully written part that I truly enjoyed from this novel. Now, once again to understand this and so much more you will have to pick up this read and see for yourself. For me that really made the ending wonderful and to understanding a little more of what all had gone one in Malcolm's life. With saying that would I recommend 'Kremlin Tide?' YES!