Bottom Bitch 3: The Revenge Kill

Bottom Bitch 3: The Revenge Kill - Racquel Williams

Book Description....

"Sierra Rogers has once again beaten the odds of getting shot, but that was no pain compared to her losing the love of her life. Having had enough heartache, she decides to move to Atlanta, GA. She soon realizes that trouble has a way of showing up on her doorstep. Armed with anger and murder on her mind, she becomes as treacherous as the streets that raised her and the hunted becomes the hunter.
Shayna Jackson is out for blood, and vows to stop at nothing until her rival is dead. Consumed with hate and jealousy, she decides to go after the woman that caused havoc on her life.
Azir Jackson is young, rich and poisonous. Having to live without his father, he turned to the streets for guidance. Years later, he’s all grown up and has one thing on his mind; MURDER. Someone has to pay for the pain of him losing his father.
The saga continues as bloody murder, sex and revenge are on the minds of this trio. Revenge at its finest and only God knows who will make it out alive."

Title: Bottom Bitch 3 The Revenge Kill
Author: Racquel Williams
Publisher: Sullivan Productions, LLC
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5
"Bottom Bitch 3: The Revenge Kill" By: Racquel Williams

What I liked about this novel.....

Wow this author knows how to keep your attention! This was the third of the Bottom Bitch series and it was definitely on the mark.being very well done. Once I started reading it I couldn't put it down until the end and oh what a ending! Be ready for fast paced action, lots of mayhem and some mystery. The reader will find this isn't a predictable read because every chapter will have so many twist and turns and you will just have to keep up with this entertaining story. The characters were all for the most part well developed, well portrayed and believable. If you haven't read this author's other two books in this series, I would definitely suggest you do so you will have a clear understanding of what has gone on earlier in the reads. Very well done to the author and I was left wondering will there be another part to this story?