I Had To Do It

Box Set- I Had To Do It - Ms. T. Nicole, Samantha Lukasz


Book Description....

"All of the drama is here. Start with book 1 and continue with book 2
In book 1 we will, follow Bridget as she copes with the devastating discovery of her husband, high powered attorney Paul Moody betrayal- a family bond is torn, friendships advance, and fear is always lurking. Is Bridget strong enough to survive...will she survive?
After this book, we go right in with book 2 ...What happens when skeletons were so deep in your closet you forgot about them until they resurfaced in the worst way? Come on this final journey as we find out what happened with Bridget, Paul, Tammy, Jas, James, Mel and more. Your original crew is back with more added drama, more skeletons falling out of the closet as we piece together the big BOOM!!!"

Title: I Had To Do It Parts 1 & 2
Author: Ms. T. Nicole
Publisher: T.N.
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"I Had To Do It Parts 1 & 2" by Ms. T. Nicole

What I liked abut this read...

Having part one and two of this novel part together like this being presented by this author was off the chart...well done. I can't say how much like liked reading both of these all put together so well and indeed this was a well written story about Bridget, Paul and a few other characters. After a betrayal would Bri be able to get her life back together? Soon after Paul becomes a ex husband of Bri's will there still be a lots of drama presented from him? What was it with that phase Paul would say to Bri till death do us part? What happens after James come back into Bri's life? I do know that Bri couldn't have had better friends as she had in Jas and Cori. I found all of the characters especially Mel and Tammy(and a few more) were simply some interesting ones bringing so much drama and chaos into this read that once you started reading this novel one will find it hard to put down with all of its twist and turns that went on. This is a fast paced read and you will have no trouble with it keeping your attention all the way to the end. By the end of the read you will be simply amazed at just who is left standing and surviving. This will be one interesting journey so get ready for some surprises and secrets that will come out and give the reader in the end a good read..."I Had To Do It....Parts 1 and Part 2." Thank you author for putting these two stories together being able to get the whole story was wonderfully done.