Catchin' Feelings For A Married Man

Catchin' Feelings for a Married Man - LaQuita Cameron

Book Description....

"Kara’s gotten her feelings wrapped around Jazz in hopes of becoming the number one woman in his life. Too bad his wife is already in that spot! Her love for him has her lowering her standards to maintaining her side chick status. But Kara wants more… She becomes demanding and gives Jazz ultimatums proving she is over his games. His empty promises and lies show her he isn’t the man he claims to be. But like most women, Kara is determined to fight for her love…

Jazz is hooked on Kara’s young love. After witnessing his best friend and wife having sex, he’s confused and unsure of who he can trust. His life is flipped upside down by drama and tragedy, once the set up of his best friend comes back to haunt him.

“Zen” aka Zenayia struggles to love her husband Jazz… She’s gotten lost in her feelings for his best friend Damon. Her affair with Damon ultimately puts her in a compromising position when she is deemed with an unexpected pregnancy. Her marriage is on the line resulting in her hiding secrets are unmasked.

The ultimate betrayal of his best friend Jazz leaves Damon questioning those around him. He is jealous of Jazz and wishes he had his lifestyle. Their friendship will be tested, pushing Damon to make drastic decisions to keep his affair with Zen under wraps. He is determined to find out who set him up, but he has no idea his enemy is right under his nose…"

Title: Catchin' Feelings For A Married Man
Author: LaQuita Cameron
Publisher: Cole Heart Presents
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 4

"Catchin' Feelings For A Married Man" By LaQuita Cameron

What I liked about this novel....

This novel was very interesting and the title says it all. Yes, I did find most everyone had some kind of problems going on in their life...wife, a her girl friends, a husband, his mistress, both of their guy friends...yes this was one total messed up situation. This author knows how to keep your attention because I am sure behind all of this hopefully something good is going to come from this it since most of this read has gone downhill. You can see I have high hopes thinking that this next part of this story will bring it all out to what in the world is truly going on between these characters...Zen and Jazz along with some other very interesting secondary ones. I am very interested in what is coming next because if the story is anything like this first novel it will be a read not to miss reading to see if anyone will be left standing.