Soft Target

Soft Target: A Cybertech Thriller - John D Trudel


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"Soft Target: A Cybertech Thriller The 21st Century started off dangerous and got worse. America is working its way back, wounded, but recovering and rebuilding. Exceptionalism is a memory, but embers glow in the darkness. Hope is alive. A maverick scientist, GERRY PATTON, works alone behind tight security. Her wild card project could ensure government survival if Washington was destroyed, but it's being sabotaged. MIKE MICKELSON ("Twenty Mike"), a Marine, was gravely wounded when his command post in Yemen was overrun. Now unfit for combat, he's assigned to help Gerry. Unknown enemies are watching. An attack is planned, a coup orchestrated by officials in our own government. Gerry's program could hamper their plans. Why take a chance? She's a Soft Target. Can Mike save Gerry? Can she help him heal? Can they prevent a paralyzing WMD attack?"

Title: Soft Target: Cybertech Thriller
Author: John D. Trudel
Publisher: Create Space
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: five
"Soft Target: A Cybertech Thriller" by John D. Trudel

What an interesting cybertech thriller read! Even though this is not one of my favorite genres however I will say that this author was able to keep me interested and captured in this novel until the very end with all that was going on in this fictional fast paced thriller read. This author really knows how to impart to the reader the realism to it all through his own technical education and experiences. Be ready for a lots of action in this cybertech thriller that will only leave you only wanting to know more. The characters in this novel are simply off the chart...well developed, well portrayed and oh so well believable. By the end of the read you have quite a intriguing technological plot with some unforgettable characters where we see 'heroes vs a tyrannical government' .... and even a love interest will come into play. By the end of the read this author really gives the reader something to think about long after reading "Soft Target" and will leave one thinking are we 'soft targets?