Trust and Dinero

Trust and Dinero - Alexis Nicole, Micah Shipp


Title: Trust and Dinero
Author: Alexis Nicole
Publishser: Jaded Publications
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 4.5

"Trust and Dinero" by Alexis Nicole

What I liked about this novel....

This was definitely one of those reads that will keep your attention because it seems like every chapter will take you on quite a journey in the life of this character ...Trust Dinero Mendoza. Trust was one of those people that had it all but really did he? Being brought up in quite a life filled with some horrible times but after Trust receives money from his father that was a life change for him. Now Trust had the good life but will this last due to the deal that goes sour and all of a sudden "Things quickly take a turn for the worst." Why and who presented this situation? I found for the most part all the characters were well developed, challenging, engaging...may be not too believable though due to the fact it seemed everyone seemed to turn weird and very strange. Toward the end of this read the reader will be left wandering what in the world is going on! This was definitely one of those reads that was filled "with lust, deceit, greed and oh yes quite a jaw-dropping ending" that will leave you saying 'what in the world is going on! To fully understand "Trust and Dinero" you must pick up this novel to see the who, where, how and the what of it all. It will be a interesting journey through Trust's life up to this point. Hopefully answers will be answered to what has happened to Harmonee, Trust's Mami, Alejandra, his crazy wife, Promise, Star, Anthony, Victor Ramirez and Jahdi. What was this big secret that it seemed that only Star knows about? By the end of this read I was left saying 'Who can be Trusted' and I agree that by the end of this read this was a 'emotional, mind-blowing ride!'