Read the Warning Label First

Read the Warning Label First - B.M. Hardin

Title: Read The Warning Label First
Author: B M Hardin
Publisher: Savivly Published LLC
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Read the Warning Label First" by BM Hardin

What I liked about this novel...

First of all I enjoyed how this author was able to give us a story that fitted the title so well.
For dear Tori it seems like she has it all planned on the way her life should go...1-2-3... but what will happen we there enters some twist and turns with some very strange characters? Now will it be ...a friend, a lover, and even a sister who will bring on some havoc into Tori's life? It was so good to see that Tori didn't let this take her down being so determined. I loved how Tori's mom tired to help her come out of this dark place by telling her not to running away with her words of encouragement. Now, will Tori be willing to listen and take it all in after all is said and done? Be ready for a story full of 'lies and deceit.' Well.... I will stop here because I don't want to give too much away other than say that this author really knows how to give the reader quite a interesting love story that will keep you turning the pages. One thing that is for sure one may be down for a minute but you can also still rise from it all and good things can happen for you. I loved that ending and I thought that "Read The Warning Label First" was beautifully written and will give you cause to think on this storyline line after the read. The plot and deliverance was well done by the author. The ending seemed a little rushed however, the story still came together very well and omg... I am still caught up with that ending. Very well done by the author.