Fuck Love

Fuck Love - Hood Chronicles

Title: Fuck Love
Author: Hood Chronicles
Publisher: Worldhaven Agenda
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Fuck Love" by Hood Chronicles

What I liked about this novel...

I will have to say that this author really gave the readers a simply down right excellent read. Taking us into this story of Rakeem and Karima along with their beautiful children, some other real shady characters like Bishop, Felicia, Monique, Derrick and a few others that in the end we really get a real intriguing and captivating story. This novel will definitely hold your attention because the reader will not want to put it down till the very end only to be left wanting more. Be ready for a read of many lies, love, deceit, beat downs, a deadbeat dad, crazy mom along with secrets that will truly give the read some very interesting twist and turns with many road blocks in the story. You will have to keep up because something will be happening on almost every page. I will also say that the reader will be left with a cliffhanger as we will have to get the rest of this story in part 2. So, I will be waiting! Wonderful job to the author!