Oven Baked Secrets

Oven Baked Secrets (Eugeena Patterson Mysteries) (Volume 2) - Tyora Moody

Title: Oven Baked Secrets
Author: Tyora Moody
Series: Eugeena Patterson Mysteries # 2
Publisher: Tymm Publishing LLC
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Oven Baked Secrets" by Tyora Moody...

What I liked about this novel....

This was the second novel of Ms. Moody's Eugeena Patterson's Mystery reads. And again we find Miss Eugeena of Sugar Creek, South Carolina has taken on a new job from being over the Neighborhood Watch since now there was something new on the horizon...her best friend is now in a nursing home. But why had Louise been put into this place? Now what will happen as Miss Eugeena starts up her snooping once again? What will happen when Miss Eugeena finds someone in her best friends room and claims to be Louise's granddaughter? I loved how Miss Eugeena's neighbor [Amos Jones] who was a retired police detective was their to help her in the solving of this mystery as the story gets even more intensed after a murder has been committed in the neighborhood and then also friend. I loved seeing Ms Eugeena starting up her investigation through her curiosity that she has been known to do so very well. I will stop here because I don't want to give any more of this well written story away. I did find all of the characters well developed, defined, portrayed and believable helping to make this a very captivating and interesting read that will definitely keep your attention wondering what next is up with Miss Eugeena. Be ready for a good read that will cover elder abuse, racism, Alzheimer's disease, interracial dating and maybe even a budding relationship coming up.