The Hood Within

The Hood Within - Hood Chronicles


Title: The Hood Within
Author: Hood Chronicles
Publisher: Worldhaven Agenda
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"The Hood Within" by Hood Chronicles

That I liked about this novel....

When I think this author has done it... he still manages to do it again! This story was really one well written novel that the reader will find it hard to put down until the end. I loved the cliffhangers here! I like how this author brought out this particular young man at fifteen who had been a disobedient son who hadn't wanted to listen to his parents....his Mom puts him out after her husband is killed ....leaving Hood to even more ...making many bad decisions...being with the wrong type of people, Then, Hood meets someone [Angel] who seemed to help bring a change in his life...even to showing his Mom and brother he had changed.I was really glad to see Hood taking care of his Mom and brother. However, would Hood still have to pay for the sins he had caused....? This was a good read as we see Hood growing from a boy to manhood. I found the characters all well developed, defined and believable giving the reader a good storyline. The ending was a shocker but I will say there had been a clue to this happening from that particular friend of Hood's. All I can say is this novel was a good read and I would say you will just have to pick it up to see for yourself how well this author wrote this story. The poems presented in this novel were downright beautiful...from 'The Hood Within'..... 'To Even Lose You to I'm So Tired.' To the author....Mr. Chronicles Thank you for a well written novel.