No Perfect Affair

No Perfect Affair - Charmaine Galloway


Title: No Perfect Affair
Author: Charmaine Galloway
Publisher: Racquel Williams Presents
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"No Perfect Affair" by Charmaine Galloway

What I was able to absorbed from this this novel....

This was a read of three women [Sasha, Asia and Melody]who were cousins who had gone through many different situations that proved not to be the smartest moves that caused much distress in all of their daily life's. Now, don't get me wrong...all of these ladies were successful in there was there personal relationships that each one seemed to have problems with. A lot of there problems started during their childhood...whether it was from a parent who hadn't been around, a mom with mental problems to substance abuse these three women had a life with some real emotional issues...where they ended up making some really bad decisions that seem to come back on them in one way or another, What I found most interesting in this read I really felt that each one of these cousins were just seeking for love and happiness. From the read one can see all the drama as one cousin....will have husband problems, another.. wanting a man that really didn't want her and lastly one who finally got the diamond ring which leads her to the alter to be married but will this be the lasting one for her? In the end...will their past affect their future? What had happened where two of the cousins couldn't get along with each other? Will these cousins finally see the error of their ways before it is too late? I believe some therapy is needed here and lots of prayers! I am sure in this author's part 2 the reader will see what will happen next in these women's life's. I will be hoping that each cousin will take a new direction as we see that each one definitely needs a new direction in there relationships and family life.

I will say my heart was heavy after reading this novel ....I must keep in mind this is urban fiction! Well done to the author!