Your Man Chose Me

Your Man Chose Me - Racquel Williams


Title: Your Man Chose Me
Author: Racquel Williams
Publisher: R.W. Presents
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Your Man Chose Me" by Racquel Williams....

What I like about this read.. ..

All I can say is that this author gave the reader a interesting story that will keep you turning the pages with lots of drama till the end.... only leaving you wanting more! The three main characters, Tiana, Ayana and [Micah] Anthony will give one quite a storyline, being that we have two women with one guy. Wow! This was quite a twisted situation... once best friends...I don't think so..more of a backstabbing jealous friend! This was definitely not a predictable story! Well, hopefully we will get the ending of this well written story in part two....for this is a cliffhanger!

One of my favorite quotes [scenes] from this read...

From Micah in Chapter 15

"I understand everything you're saying. But I xxxxing blame you, you should've made sure you and that hoe was totally over before you started xxxxing me. I told you from day one, I don't do drama well and also don't do bitches with drama. The truth is, I xxxxing love you, but I love me more and I am not gonna live my life going through this shit wit' your dumb as baby mama. All you niggas need to think first before y'all stick your dicks up into these dumb as bitches because this shit is the outcome."

Now, to me that says it all!