Chasing Dust Clouds

Chasing Dust Clouds - Lilliana Rose

Title: Chasing Dust Clouds

Author:  Lilliana Rose

Publisher:  Infinity Dreaming

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Rating: 5



"Chasing Dust Clouds" by Lilliana Rose


What I liked about this novel....


This was quite a romantic read about Dusty Miller and Blaise Johns.  How these two got together was so much fun...I was found myself  laughing out loud over it.  Who would have thought that this city person [Blaise] who was an accountant would be so caught up over a country girl[Dusty] who raised sheep after first meeting her?  I like how this author was able to captive the readers attention and hold it with all of the descriptions with details of the ewes and there shavings. What happens as they are thrown together and it seems like they can't stay away from each other?   Then to add some competition to these two that does help to keep the reader reading to see what was coming next.  I will say that this author really gives us a good read of how hard a person can work to achieve what is necessary for their livelihood. ...such as it had been for Dusty especially since the death of her father and a mother who had some illness and was getting back on her feet.  Be ready for a dramatic read with some humor as the reader will be presented in  this well written story.  I found the characters for the most part were well developed, portrayed and believable giving the reader a interesting and captivating read.  For the two main characters well when its all said and done...  In the end will these two and city be together?  Well you will just have to pick up this good read to see for yourself just how well it is presented.  Would I recommend?  YES!