Pimp My Rice

Pimp My Rice: Spice It Up, Dress It Up, Serve It Up - Nisha Katona

Title: Pimp My Rice
Author: Nisha Katona
Publisher: Nourish
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"Pimp My Rice" by Nisha Katona

My Thoughts...

What a interesting array of rice recipes with short introductions, information and photos. The reader will find recipes from around the world...soups, noddles, salads to name a few. I liked how this author was able to show one how to explore a foreign cuisine for a traditional recipe to a modern twist with even showing what can be done with 'leftover rice.' You will find easy to follow recipes with photos that comes from all over the world and even desserts made with chili, ginger and mango crumble ...wow, now that sounds interesting! What a lovely way to explore some real interesting and filling recipes.

If you are a rice lover be ready for some fantastic recipes of what all you can do with RICE!