Envy: The Root of all Evil

Envy: The Root of All Evil - Angel Williams


Title: Envy
Author: Angel Williams
Publisher: My Time Publications
Series The Root of All Evil Part 1
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Envy: The Root Of All Evil" by Angel Williams

My Thoughts....

This was one of those urban fiction reads that is filled with action, dark, violence, drama, plots, envy, greed and suspense that will keep your attention till the end then leaving you wanting more. The characters were simply...well developed, defined, well portrayed and very believable that will have you shaking your head and saying really? How could someone that had been closest to you come to hate you so much taking 'envy' to a all new level? Now who I really feel sorry for was Precious daughter, Shaniya. From the read you are able to see the friendship between these two Precious & Nae-Nae since childhood turns quite sour after it seems like one of the friends becomes very envious of the other and will stop at no end to put the other down. Now, this story will really get interesting seeing how this story plays out for these two...Precious and Nae-Nae as there will be other players in the mist of it all of twist and turn read. The author really shows her creativity as she will take the reader on a ride where there is no coming back as we will be presented in a part 2 series.