World of de Wolfe Pack: Breton Wolfe

World of de Wolfe Pack: Breton Wolfe (Kindle Worlds Novella) (The Wolves of Brittany Book 1) - Victoria Vane

Title: World of de Wolfe Pack: Breton Wolfe
Author: Victoria Vane
Publisher: Kindle Worlds Novella
Series: The Wolves of Brittany Book 1
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Breton Wolfe" by Victoria Vane

My Thoughts....

This was a interesting historical Viking fiction romance. I did find it somewhat predictable but
still the read will keep your attention to the very end. It was something to read how this 'Norse Hunter' [Valdrik] would be able to gain the attention of Duchess Adele especially now that he was now over the 'Kingdom of Brittany.' Now, that the Duchess Adele husband has died will she be able to except what Valdrik had to offers her? I found the characters very well developed, colorful and oh so believable helping to make the read definitely a quick descriptive, colorful page turner. When it all comes together at the end will these two [hero and heroine] ever be able to fully trust each other? This is where I say to get the whole story the reader will have to pick up "Breton Wolfe" to get the whole presentation of a good story.