Ghetto Roulette

Ghetto Roulette: Playing with a Broken Heart - Dale Ridley

Title: Ghetto Roulette: Playing With A Broken Heart
Author: Dale Ridley
Publisher: True Glory Publication
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Ghetto Roulette" by Dale Ridley

My Thoughts....

This novel ..a urban fiction suspenseful story was one moving read that will keep you turning the pages till the end. From the characters Sasha, Jeana, Mercury, Marissa and all the other main and secondary ones with all of there different traits and personalities. All I can say is that this author really knows how to deliver to the reader a read that will be very detailed with a little bit of it all...not to leave out the sexual scenes and one fast moving story. Hopefully Jasmine and Asia will be safe with all they have to go through. Now, I know you are probably asking who they are...well, to find out you must pick up 'Ghetto Roulette' to see just what all has gone on and what Jasmine and Asia has to do with this story. Be ready with the twist and turns that will keep your interest in the read as it flows so well with the title 'Ghetto Roulette.' All I can say to get a real understanding of this novel the reader will have to pick up this good read to see what all will be going on in this read and in the end beware you will be left with a cliff hanger...and you will have to pick up this author next series to get the continuation of this story in 'Ghetto Roulette 2.'