Forever This Time

Forever This Time - Maggie McGinnis

Title: Forever This Time
Author: Maggie McGinnis
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks
Series: Echo Lake # 1
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Forever This Time" by Maggie McGinnis

My Thoughts....

This author really out shines herself with this well written story...its unique plot and main and secondary characters that will keep your attention all the way to the end. From this story the reader gets a wonderful heartwarming and emotional love story being about Josie and Ethan from a small Vermont town of Echo Park. This was a love that was... then it wasn't? Why was this? What was this 'history, passion and pain' before the story gets to this part for these two people? What drove Josie away from Echo Park to Boston for ten years? Now that Josie was back home due to the fact her father's stoke will there be any forgiveness in all that had happen and why she left in the first place? Will Josie come to turns with her past, present and future? What was up with Jose's mom[who had been a drunk] and that Molly[who was a ex friend]? Will this be a happiness in this season of Christmas with all of the bitterness that Josie has had in her past? Will there be a second chance for Josie and Ethan[who was her ex] in this complexed relationship that is fulled with so much emotions and family dynamics? I will say with this novel being so emotional you may need a tissue or two especially near the conclusion of the read. This was a good read just seeing how this heroine has changed and being able to trust again.

Even thought 'Forever This Time' was full of sadness and grief in the end the reader gets a much uplifting romantic story it will be a very intriguing long journey to see if Josie and Ethan will get back together again. If you would love a good love story I would definitely recommend this one to you as a good read.

I received a copy through NOR in exchange for an honest review.