Suddenly Single: So Undeserving

The Suddenly Single Series: "So Undeserving" - Deidra D. S.  Green, Chyta Curry

Title: Suddenly Single: So Undeserving
Author: Deidra D. Green
Publisher: Rathsi Publishing
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Suddenly Single: So Undeserving" by Deidra D. S. Green

My Thoughts....

This novel was wonderful written and as part of the title stated ...'So Undeserving.' This author really knows to give the readers a story that is so full with drama, hatefulness as well as some emotions that will keep one interested reading till the end. I found many of the characters ...from Bailey,[Reign & Skyy], Annette, Aunt Carolyn, [Isaiah], Dr. Harrison, Yolanda, Alphia, Xavier, Carmen, Angelica, Raven, Officer Conway to several others that really made this well written read that is done so uniquely. I know my favorite part was at the end with Bailey's departing words for 'Annette' at her funeral. The story will leave one wondering at the end as Bailey will be left looking 'forward to getting to know'...well, this is the time I way you will have to pick up this novel and see how well this author has presented it so well to her readers. Will Bailey be able to 'handle all that is being thrown at her?' As I finished up this read and thought about 'Suddenly Single: So Undeserving,' I felt that there was certainly a lesson to be learned from this read. I hope you get it....I did!

Thank you to the author for gifting me this novel for me to read and give the readers my honest opinion of the read.