Let It Snow

Let It Snow - Melanie Shawn

Title: Let It Snow (A Hope Falls Novel Book 8)
Author: Melanie Shawn
Publisher: M.S.
Series: (A Hope Falls Novel Book 8)
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Let It Snow" by Melanie Shawn

My Thoughts...

Beautifully told love story series that deals with Jake and Tessa. Now that Tessa has comes back to Hope Falls will we find out just why she left in the first place 13 years ago? I loved how this author was able to give the readers a well written second chance story that will keep your interest all the way to the end. The heroine in the story will have to face a lot in her life but then their is Jake...will he be able to get the answers he needs. Be ready for some real interesting characters [from nosy, interfering family members to friends] from this small town of Hope Falls story that will present some real twist and turns, along with emotions that will have some sadness, death, love, heartache, some bantering, joy and let's not leave out the hot steamy sex that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I will definitely say at this point this is a Adult Read! Will Jake and Tessa be able to overcome all that has happened in the past and find a future together? To find out you will have to pick up this A Hope Fall Novel Book 8 and find out how well this author presents it so well to the readers.