Forever and Alway Collection

Forever and Always Collection (Contemporary Romance Boxed Set) - E. L. Todd

Title: Forever and Always Collection
Author: E.L. Todd
Publisher: Fallen Publishing
Series: Forever and Always Collection # 1-3
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Forever and Always Collection" by E. L. Todd

My Thoughts...

Well, I will say I liked it. I didn't have the privilege to read it but I was able to listen to it from my
Kindle and rather enjoyed the read. The story was presented in three books put together ...starting with 'Only For You' moving on to 'Forever and Always' and then the third one...'Edge of Love.' I was left thinking what a plot and thought while listening to all of the read that this author did a rather good job in her presentation of the story. What is even more interesting is to find out that there will be another 18 stories from the 'Forever and Always Collection.' As the story goes on from one story [series] it will tie into the next the read, The readers will get even more from these very interesting, defined, well portrayed characters as new ones come into the scene. I am sure that Sean, Scarlet [Scar] and many other characters will have you turning the pages to see what will come next because believe me this whole story is one moving roller coaster ride. Yes, there will be some characters that will have you wanting to pull your hair out while some others...well these are really some dysfunctional and even hilarious family people. If you can just sit back and listen as I did and get through the first story and on to the next I think you will be able to see how well this author puts it all together for her readers. Like I said earlier I was able to listen and understand all that was going on and thought this is really going to be some series when it's over...remember there will be 18 more novels! Be aware this is a 'adult read' so be ready for lots of craziness along with some hot steamy sex...yes graphic sex! I will say after reading this collection I will be ready to read more of this series by this author. I do hope that these two main characters [Sean & Scarlet] will find their happily ever after, however I am sure it will be quite a up hill journey getting there for them. Would I recommend this series? Yes,only if this is your kind of read.