Cameron 7

Cameron 7: The Finale - Jade Jones

Title: Cameron 7
Author: Jade Jones
Publisher: Jade Publications
Series: Book 7
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Cameron 7: The Finale" by Jade Jones

My Thoughts...

All I can say is that author really knows how to bring a series to a perfect close. Well done is all that is left for me to say about this wonderfully written story of Cameron and Jude. Now, so complete the story the readers from Roxie, Magyc, Michael, Juicy [Diane], Tara, Jag, Alessia, Rico, Kwon [and I am sure I have left someone out] giving the readers one interesting series read! e There are seven in this series and this was the last one and I would definitely suggest if you haven't read the other so to really understand it all! Be ready for a little bit of it all from love, killings, betrayals, steamy hot sex, fighting, and so much more before well... I will stop here and say to get it this wonderful 'Cameron 7' to see how well this author brings out this ending so well to her readers. Would I recommend this series? YES!

This was a read from my January Amazon Prime.