Becoming Marta

Becoming Marta - Lorea Canales, Gabriel Amor

My Thoughts...

This was some read that you really had to keep up to truly understand what all is going on giving the reader some timeline that was somewhat hard to follow. But in the end this author gives the reader quite a unique way of telling a story. The chapters which were rather short really jumped around quite a bit from character to character. I believe if each chapter had been titled in such a way to let the reader know who that particular [character] was about would have helped a bit with the reading of the story. As the read was presented I found it left the story a little choppy to me. Now, this main character Marta was one complicated person ...all I will say is wow...for she was 'rich, loved to drink the spirits and was simply a spoiled person.' Will Marta ever find a happy ending...maybe becoming a runner will help? I did like how this author presented the descriptions of Mexico's culture. This was definitely a different kind of read for me that really left me thinking...just really what is this story all about? OK, this is one of those kind of reads that may leave you hanging wondering what happened in the end with that abrupt ending...a marathon run? Believe me when I say I was glad for the ending!

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