Cinderella Busted

Cinderella Busted - Petie McCarty


Title: Cinderella Busted
Author: Petie McCarty
Publisher: Soul Mate Publisher
Series: The Cinderella Romance Book 1
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"Cinderella Busted" by Petie McCarty

My Thoughts....

Wow, now this is the kind of read that will keep your attention because this author will present so many twist and turns in this fairytale will be mind blowing all the way to the end! I will say for the two main characters Lily Forster and Rhett Buchanan...they totally deserved each other. Why was that? It seems like both of them had problems with the trust issue. I am not sure I cared for the hero even after I found out a little about his background. I kept saying if each one had been totally honest with each other maybe none of this would have happened to them. But that I guess that would be a different story. Then when this author adds in friends who tried to help, that Delia person and a few other treacherous people then you are given one heck of a story that will leave you saying 'wow' when it's all said and done. Be ready for a little bit of it all from 'some humor, deceit, treachery and love' giving the readers one fairytale romantic read that had so many misunderstandings that lead to more misunderstandings. I did think that the ending needed a epilogue. Why, well because there were a very important fact that I felt the reader would have loved to what happened to Delia. Maybe since it seems like this is a series, hopefully we will heard some more about 'Ms. Delia.' Oh well, I guess all reads must come to an end but will we finally get a happy ever after from these two Lily and Rhett? This is where I say you must pick up "Cinderella Busted" to find out. If you are in for a good fairytale read ...this one is for you!

I received a copy through NOR in exchange for an honest review.