Into Each Life

Into Each Life - Shelia E. Lipsey


Title: Into Each Life
Author: Shelia E. Lipsey]
Publisher: Urban Christmas
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Into Each Life" by Shelia E. Lipsey

My Thoughts...

I loved this beautifully well written Christian story of Prodigal and Teary that starts at childhood and goes though to their adulthood. The novel is full of 'love, friendship, heartaches,death, betrayal, family, disappointment, tragedy, twist and turns and so much more.' "Into Each Life" which was the appropriate title for this novel will definitely keep your attention all the way to the end. Now, I will say that this is a long read and you will have to keep up to get the final outcome of this good read dealing with love that starts as at childhood of being 'Best Friends' and even continue through adulthood [even though they grew up and go their separate ways]. I loved how this author really brings the characters to life from the main to the secondary ones...all giving the readers a good read and even a tear jerker. This will be a well rounded story that deals with two families...the Runsomes and the Fullaloves[as they whether many storms] and to get the whole story you will have to pick up the wonderful read and see how well this author explains it all leaving nothing to wonder about. Yes I would definitely recommend this novel and also 'Only In Her Dreams' which seems to follow up after reading 'Into Each Life.'