What Janie Wants

What Janie Wants - Rhenna Morgan

Title: What Janie Wants
Author: Rhenna Morgan
Publisher: R. M.
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"What Janie Wants" by Rhenna Morgan

What a good contemporary romance that will keep your attention till the end. For Janie [at 40 years old] would have never thought she would be in a nudist resort in Mexico and meeting the sexy Zade was icing on the cake. What was Zade goal? Was it to make a woman look and feel good... oh yes, that was his occupation and believe me that was what he did for Janie. Now, I don't want to tell too much of the story...I want you to pick up this good read and see for yourself how well this author presents it to her readers. It is delightful fun read that will definitely put a smile on your face as you read and get caught up in this 'well written, polished and emotionally moving romance story with some stormy sexy encounters.!' It was quite interesting in how a younger man could see just how this older woman felt about so many things especially after what had happened to get her from her ex husband. He falls deeply in love with Janie and is there to show her the way. I liked how this author was able to bring into the picture the aunt and uncle Arlo. Both of these two really added in this story. How will this all affect Janie's confidence over Zades age [26]? He is actually not much older than Jane's son. Wow! Will this older women gain the confidence in finding her place in life in what Janie really wants? What a story this was as we see that this wasn't only a romance story but being able to see that love and partnership can come to you in any kind of package if we only allow ourselves to feel it. Will Zade be able to win her over and help her see herself in 'new light?' Now, what about all that is going on in Zades life with his 'boudoir photographer company?'

I truly love the way he 'compliments Jane at every turn, supports and inspires her to want to live life wholeheartedly.' Wow, that was really something to read about! If you are looking for a for a little exotic and romance you have come to the right place for a 'fun and flirty' read that I would recommend to you as a quick good read. Was this a 'cougar read' well, again you will have pick this one up and see for yourself what you think!

Thanks to the author for winning a copy of her novel.