Fire, Fury, Faith

Fire, Fury, Faith: Winged Warriors - N. D. Jones, Ryan Vincent Anderson, Natalie Jones

Title: Fire, Fury, Faith
Author: N. D. Jones
Publisher: N. D. J.
Series: Winged Warriors #1
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"Fire, Fury, Faith" by N. D. Jones

My Thoughts....

What a fantasy love story this was of Issa [who had been given a second chance at the life of an angel and a tribal chieftain] and Serwa as the reader finds them having come from warring tribes. What will Issa do when a rogue demon attacks and almost kills his wife? How will Serwa help and heal Issa as she is a 'Healer Angel?' Will Serwa finally be able to heal her husband and help him get over his fury?


This will be quite a intensed plot as well as steamy one about these angels. The author really gives the readers quite a journey that will whole your attention as you listen to this story. Yes, this was on audio and very well presented to the reader by this narrator as he gives life to these magical characters. Be ready for a good read with lots of 'emotional ramifications on its victims' along with 'warring tribes, angels and demons, dark and light, bond of love and the terror of hate.' Now to truly understand all that is going on you must pick up this good read to find out just what all is going on in this interesting read. This author really knows how to write and tell an engaging story .
that will definitely keep your attention.


Thanks to the author for a audio of this novel for a fair and unbiased review.