We're All Damaged

We're All Damaged - Matthew Norman

Title: We're All Damaged
Author: Matthew Norman
Publisher: Little A
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"We're All Damaged" by Matthew Norman

My Thoughts...

What a read that will give you a little bit of 'hilarity and seriousness' that will keep you turning the pages as you read about some people who are 'heart wrenching, heart rending, heart breaking, witty, and hilarious people. As you read through "We're All Damaged" I was let wondering if Andy Carter will finally get his life together and find happiness in a world that seem to thrown definitely down a 'gauntlet against such simple wants' because it seems like Andy can't catch a break by fooling around in his life after his wife leaves him for a paramedic, he loses his job, he relocated to NYC, leading him to a sad drunken existence...then a trip back home to Omaha whose grandfather is...well, I will stop here and say pick up this good read to see how this author presents it so well to the readers. With all that has happened to Andy over the last past year will he finally get a 'righteous rainbow' arrive for him? What a story that is about 'family, hope and dreams.' The list of characters where some are all well developed, quirky, portrayed and some even being multi-dimensional...from Andy, to his mom[Nancy], his brother [Jim], his ex wife [Karen], his dad, his grandpa, best friend, [NEAL] and then there is Daisy [what a character!] to name a few that will keep you turning the pages to see what is coming next. If you are looking for a well written read that has 'perceptions, dysfunction, love and even second chances' then this is definitely a read for you to enjoy.