Bang B Squad # 2

Bang: B-Squad Book Two (Volume 2) - Avery Flynn

Title: Bang
Author: Avery Flynn
Publisher: A. F.
Series: B Squad # 2
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Bang" by Avery Flynn

My Thoughts....

This was another good series B Squad #2 by this author of 'Bang' that was definitely a attention grabber and being a 'bang' of a good read by this author. I would really suggest that you read B Squad # 1 Bazen to really understand what has happened earlier for some of these characters. I loved this story that was about Tamara [Taz's ex from B Squad #1]former beauty queen {who was on the run from her brother in law's {Jarrod's} henchmen} and Isaac Camacho [private investigator/security specialist, and ex marine] that was truly a sweet love story. Be ready for fun, 'action packed read, with suspense, humor, intrigue and some sexy steamy scenes.' I loved how this author brings out that southern charm that Isaac seems to bring out to the reader in the read. I also loved how the author brings to us a true Tamara. This author brings two very unlikely people together who seem to be the perfect match for each other as the reader is given the 'depth, heart, passion and true personalities' of each of their own story. But is that to be? Will Isaac be able to protect and rescue Tamara's sixteen year old niece as well as Tamara? I loved how the reader is able to visualize from this author's storytelling of what's happening as they read through this good read. I found all the characters very well developed, portrayed and very intriguing giving the reader quite a good read in this series #2. Will Tamara and Isaac finally get their HEA? This is where I say you will to pick up this good read to see how well this author presents it to the readers. It will be one entertaining good romantic suspenseful read!