Troubled Heart

Troubled Heart: A Novella (The Reed Family Book 2) - Tyora Moody, Felicia Murrell

Title: Troubled Heart
Author: Tyora Moody
Publisher: Tymm Publishing, LLC
Series: The Reed Family Book 2
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Troubled Heart" by Tyora Moody

My Thoughts...

"Troubled Heart" Book 2" by this author was another good Christian mystery suspenseful read. If you haven't read Book , I would highly suggest you do so because it will add into things that had happened earlier especially for Toni Reed. The story will pick up by Toni Reed being a Forensic artist she was being asked to help in a case that soon would involve her with a person of her past. Now, how was this? With what had happened to Toni earlier [from Book 1] and now being asked to help a person identify a was after she had drawn the picture of this suspect from the witness Toni is left believing that it look like someone she knew personally. How could this be? I don't want to spoil it for the readers other than saying when Toni and Detective Cam Noble [a longtime friend to the Reed family] get together what will happen when he insist 'she not interfere with the case.' The story had some very interesting characters that showed what can happen when someone hurts a family member. With Toni wanting to seek out justice in wanting to help [Jade and Olivia] will this put her own life in danger? Will Detective Noble be able to come to her rescue before it's too late? To get these questions answered and so much more pick up "Troubled Heart" A Novella [The Reed Family Book 2] to find out in this short novella. I loved this 'Reed Family' in how they were always their for each other. Would I recommend? YES!