Gingerdead Man

Gingerdead Man (The Early Bird Cafe Cozy Mystery Series Book 6) - Ginny Gold Title: Gingerdead Man Author: Ginny Gold Publisher: Ginny Gold Books Series: The Early Bird Cafe Mystery # 6 Reviewed By: Arlena Dean Rating: Four Review: "The Gingerdead Man" by Ginny Gold My Thoughts...... What a cute, somewhat humorous with a love interest and even getting a good mystery read. I found the characters mostly well developed [even the dog Ibis] giving the read a easy cozy read. I especially like how this heroine Koris went after what she wanting to always know about how this investigation was going from her boyfriend Zach who just happened to be a cop. I liked how I wasn't able to figure out who the murderer was until the very end of this entertaining mystery read. I will say that the recipes and all the food that was discussed in this read will definitely leave your mouth watering for it and leaving the reader with many baking ideas.