They Call Me Ms Cleo

They Call Me Ms. Cleo - Ms. Dee

Title: They Call Me Ms. Cleo
Author: Miss Dee
Publisher: VCK Publishing Presents
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"They Call Me Ms. Cleo" by Miss Dee

My View of this Adult Content Read...

OK, less start on Monday it was Sylvester[white boy].... final instruction...'Leave'

on Tuesday it was Brandon [Midnight] instruction.....'Don't let that **** happen again'

on Wednesday it was Taylor [suburban wifey] instruction...'Lock the door on your way out'

on Thursday it was Thomas[dark knight] & Jeffrey[Trick and Treat] instruction...'Be gone...'

on Friday it was Maxine[Max] final instruction...'Pick up your ****and get the **** out'

on Saturday...Couples Only...[Marlo and Jacob] instruction...'I need to be alone'

and then would you know this author gives the reader ....a bonus read!

Now, to get the whole well told story... you will have to pick up 'They Call Me Ms. Cleo.'

So, what will the reader get from this read? A lots of laughter and a good feeling from a read that will leave you..... well again will have to pick this read up and see for yourself how captivating this read really has been presented so well to the reader.

All I have left to say is Wow to the author!