Retribution: ... Comes Around (Retribution, #2)

Retribution: ...Comes Around (Volume 2) - NyRee Ausler

Title: Retribution...Comes Around
Author: NyRee Ausler
Publication: N. A.
Series: Retribution # 2
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Retribution...Comes Around" by NyRee Ausler

My Thoughts....

As this story continues from the first novel...'Retribution: What Goes Around' to 'Retribution: Comes Around' as it is still dealing with quite a 'love triangle...Asaya, James and Rey. The author puts in her work as she delivers to the reader quite a group of characters who were somewhat rather complexed and definitely having you wondering is anyone in the story OK? Oh, yes I did see there was was one person....Asaya's mom. But would Asaya she be willing to listen to her? I found Asaya...well all I will say one quite one naive and gullible individual who even at the end I was left wondering did she really get it? This was a well written and thought out read that will keep you turning to pages to see what in the world would be coming next because this was definitely not one of those predicable stories. I will say that the ending caught my attention because it seems to me even more would come to Asaya as it seems someone else has her attention. Or maybe I should say he definitely had his attention on her....from a quote:

"He was a little smarter than she gave him credit for. He knew she wasn't into him, but didn't care. After all he had done for her, she was stuck with him whether she liked it or not. If she tried to play him again, he'd be sure she found herself in yet another life-threatening situation. This time, he wouldn't be there to save her. **** who says nice guys finish last."

I will say to truly understand this novel a little more, I would suggest the reader read the 'Retribution 1' first because it will definitely help you better understand of what is happening in 'Retribution 2.'

Thank you to the author for a gift of her novel for my giving my honest opinion of the read.