The Simplicity of Cider

The Simplicity of Cider - Amy E. Reichert

Title:  The Simplicity of Cider

Author:  Amy E. Reichert

Publisher:  Gallery Books

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Rating: Five



"The Simplicity of Cider" by Amy E. Reichert


My Thoughts....


The readers are in for a good read about cider making, the love of a family and to one who is getting away from CA for the summer with his son then you are in for a good read.  This author really works her magic in giving the readers a good read  about 'family, dedications, ambition, challenges, struggles, suspense and love that takes place in Door County, Wisconsin.  The main characters from Sanna, Einers, Isaac to Bass...all are some very complex but so relatable to any one.  Along with all of this the readers will be given a story from "The irritating casserole making neighbor,the brother...only wants to sell the orchard, the villain who wants to turn the orchard into a water park and the irritating ex of Sanna's who is sabotaging the orchard" all make this story such a interesting read. Now add all that is going on with Isaac and his son Bass along with the tremendous food descriptions the readers will get one heck of a good heartwarming read.  In the end will Sanna be able to save her beloved orchard that she truly loved and will Sanna and Isaac end up finding each other? To get all the questions answered and so much more the reader will have to pick up this enjoyable read "The Simplicity of Cider" to see how this author will bring it all out to the reader.