A Serenade to Die For

A Serenade to Die For - David Jackson, Janet Fogg

<!-- [if lte IE 9]> <![endif]-->Title: A Serenade To Die For
Author: Janet Fogg & David Jackson
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"A Serenade To Die For" by Janet Fogg

My Thoughts....

Wow, this was quite one of those reads that you will not want to put it down because it seems like every page is some kind of adventure, romance, suspense and so many twist and turns that will be going on. Will Isabella and Cane be able to reconnect again after what they had at one time? Will Isabella be able to save her estranged father who has been kidnapped? This story will take on some really interesting characters from Cane [Hurricane], Isabella, Mickey, Benicio, Angie, Escalante, Fernando, Octavio, Alvarez, Tank Top, Marquez to a few other people...some good and some not so good that will keep you reading and turning the pages as the reader ride along to see what will happen next. What was up with Hurricane's name? What was so important about the 'maqualhuit' that this kidnapper wanted so desperately? It will be quite riveting as the story will move from one problem to the next even after this kidnapper is found. Be ready for some violence as well as romance as the story is bought out so well by these authors. In the end will Cane and Isabella finally get their HEA?

To find out the answers to all of these questions and so much more the reader will have to pick up "A Serenade to Die For" to read how well these two authors will bring it all out to the reader. Would I recommend this novel? YES, especially if you like a suspenseful romance