The Christmas Room

The Christmas Room - Catherine Anderson

Title:  The Christmas Room

Author:  Catherine Anderson

Publisher: Berkley

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean



"The Christmas Room" by Catherine Anderson

My Thoughts....

I found this a good novella Christmas story that touches on a little bit of it all....from 'grief, trials and tribulations of a single parent, finding a love connection, moving to a new state, with secrets, physical violence,  name calling, lack of understanding, healing, redemption' and it did have some heart warming moments. This author gives the reader a wonderful story that was even humorous at times, with touching moments with interesting characters from [Maddie, Cameron (Cam}, Caleb McLendon, Sam and  Kristin Conacher] to name a few that will definitely keep your attention all the way through this beautiful description of Christmas Montana story. Be ready for a long story of this well blended family where the reader will be able to read about this 'dual love story of two different generations' with the best of it all ... it all happens around the Christmas holiday.  All that is left to say is that this was really a fantastic story of families and their relationships in how this author brings it all together so well after all is said and done.