If You Were Mine (The Sullivans #6)

If You Were Mine  - Bella Andre


Title: If You Were Mine
Author: Bella Andre
Published: B.A.
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Series: The Sullivans # 5
Rating: 5

"If You Were Mine" by Bella Andre was the fifth in 'The Sullivans' series and this series featured Zach Sullivan and Heather Linsey. This novel was another contemporary romantic read that connects the series together being so well written that smoothly picks up from the last series.

We find from this read Zach is a 'mogul mechanic' and loves life to its fullest. Being another one of the hottest Sullivan brother he has it all...'money, good looks and fancy cars,' however when Zach meets the beautiful Heather he soon will know that there maybe something missing in his life. When Zach is left to keep a little dog named Cuddles it doesn't take long for him to know he needs help. So he meets a dog trainer named Heather and this is where this story to take off. Zach will find Heather one beautiful lady and just what he will have to do to get Heather 'eating out his hand' because she really wants nothing to do with him. You will find from the read that both Zach and Heather have a 'scarred past.' Will they be able to learn to love and trust each other? Now, this is where I say you must pick up "If You Were Mine" to see how this will all come out. You will find all of the characters were as always well developed producing such a captivating read. I also loved the additions of the animals characters 'Atlas and Cuddles' who were delivered simply off the chart and beautifully presented.

"If You Were Mine" was truly a fun, beautiful, intriguing, sexy and very romantic read that will only lead you to the next series # 6 'Let Me Be The One.'