Let Me Be The One

Let Me Be The One  - Bella Andre


Title: Let Me Be The One
Author: Bella Andre
Published: Oak Press
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Series: The Sullivans # 6
Rating: 5

"Let Me Be The One" by Bella Andre was 'The Sullivan's sixth series and again another one of this author's beautiful novels. This novel was dealing mainly with Ryan Sullivan and Vicki Bennett. Who knew that a childhood friendship would keep these two in touch and after fifteen years Vicki would need a favor from Ryan when she had needed him most. Would Ryan be their for her? At this time Vicki was back in town and was a talented artist needing a 'pretend boyfriend' seeing that their was this 'pushy and very hand on mentor that had wished to get too close to Vicki.' Calling for Ryan and he comes to her recuse, but when he agrees to be the pretend boyfriend things really take on another level. This is where I will say you must pick up the wonderful read as this author really details it all out for the reader. With Vicki needing this job will this all work for her being back with her best friend Ryan? Will sexual tension start to sizzle as this story continues? I will say this author has kept Ryan hidden because he is one hot sexy guy as you will find out from the read. I was left thinking wow what a guy! You will find this read very 'touching and so very sexy' and it definitely fits in with the rest of other series. "Let me Be The One" only takes you smoothly into the next series, 'Come A Little Closer' which features Smith Sullivan.