Montana Bride

Montana Bride: A Bitter Creek Novel - Joan Johnston


Title: Montana Bride
Author: Joan Johnston
Published: Dell
Series: Mail Order Brides # 3
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean

"Montana Bride" by Joan Johnston was the third in this 'Mail Order Brides series. This novel is featuring Hetty(heroine) where she ends up left to die in a Conestoga wagon wounded by a arrow in her shoulder. Upon being rescued and with a Chinese man escorting Karl (the hero)intended bride and two children to Montana when all hell breaks out. This is where Hetty help the children by pretending to be this Karl's mail order bride and this is how this story will take off and wow if it isn't some good read. "Montana Bride" is a good western romance read that deals with four people looking only for a love and happiness of a family but will certainly have many obstacles that will have to be fixed before any of this will happen. Will Hetty be able to belong to a real family and find her brothers and sisters? This is where I say you must pick up "Montana Bride" to see how this  author will present it all to the reader. If you are a historical western romance reader then the 'Bitter Creek Novels' would be recommended to you.