Hidden In Plain Sight

Hidden in Plain Sight: The Other People in Norman Rockwell's America - Jane Allen Petrick

Title: Hidden In Plain Sight...The Other People In Norman Rockwell's America
Author: Jane Allen Petrick
Publisher: Informed Decisions International
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 4

"Hidden in Plain Sight" by Jane Allen Petrick was a fascinating beautiful story telling of Norman Rockwell's great talent where he covers 'social justice, inequality and the human rights during the 40's and 50's. We will find from the read that this author tells us about how Norman Rockwell's work wit dealing with people used were 'hidden in plain sight.' These 'people of color' were dealt with in depth an social awareness had gone for the most part unnoticed. This is really a interesting biography of how this artist forced a lots of his works on 'non-white children and adult who are his legacy.' This author does a good job at telling us a story of Norman Rockwell's journey and battle that did allow him to paint his visions of American, and even to speaking with these people who modeled for him. I loved how Rockwell's picture 'showed a nation of minorities how to have thanksgiving, raise our children, go to war, live in small towns and look American' and with books that showed his cover art and posters casted by people of color. This research was well researched to get all of this of Norman Rockwell's personal life. This author did a wonderful job illustrating this Artist and giving us a feeling of what was going on at that time. In the end we get a wonderful read that was researched, entertaining, educational and very fascinating read that I would recommend as a good read.