Fly You To The Moon

Fly You To The Moon (Stardust Erotic Romance Series #1) - Jocelyn Han

Title: Fly You To The Moon
Author: Jocelyn Han
Publisher: Dutch Venture Publishing
Series: Stardust Erotic Romance Series # 1
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 4

"Fly You To The Moon" by Jocelyn Han was the first in the Stardust Erotic Romance Series and was quite a sweet, sexy love romantic story. This was one of those 'futuristic' world where the sky is the limit and this author gives the reader an easy read with all that 'Earth and Moon' stuff going on. I found "Fly You To The Moon" a quick erotic story for these two people, Ava and Nic( which is Ava's half uncle). Now, if you are able to get passed that you will find that is was a really well written read. You will find from the read that Ava and Nic meet due to a death of her father and she now has to move to the 'Moon' be with her guardian 'Uncle Nicolas. Will there be chemistry between them? What is this! We find that Nic is 'Elite' and Ava is 'half Elite' will this present a problem for them? We find from the read that this author has brought a futuristic colony and the elitist lifestyle to life with all of the descriptions that help the reader be able to picture a very detail storyline. Be ready to note how this author is able to bring in not only the personal issues but the emotions that will be entered into the story. You will see how this story is building and the author does a good job at her presentation and here is where I just stop and say you will have to pick up "Fly You To The Moon" to see where and how it will all come out. Be ready for a good love story that will give you a quick ending. If you like futuristic imaginational reads with a bit erotic flavor then I would recommend "Fly You To The Moon" for you.