Chase You To The Sun

Chase You To The Sun (Stardust Erotic Romance Series #3) - Jocelyn Han

Title: Chase You To the Sun
Author: Jocelyn Han
Publisher: Dutch Venture Publishing
Series: Stardust Erotic Romance Series #3
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Chase You To the Sun" by Jocelyn Han another gritty, steamy and Stardust Erotic Romance series. We find Svetlana Ivanova (Lana) along with her friends Tori and Alen are working in a 'Desidan' space stations but is 'attacked by rebels on their way to Earth.' Ivanova is kidnaped by 'Bruce Randall' a space pirate and holds her for ransom. What will happen to Ivanova? This Bruce Randall is Ivanova father's worst enemy. What will happen when Ivanova learns what is really going on in her father's company and what had happened in the death of her mother? What secrets will be unrevealed? Will there be some chemistry between these two? What decision will Ivanova have to make in leaving behind the once ordeals that she once believed in or face what has been opened up to her by her capturer as secrets were revealed. This is where I say you must pick up "Chase You To The Sun" to see what all this author has in store for the reader. Be ready because it will be a hot steamy ride that will keep you turning the pages until the very end. And yes, I would recommend this
Futuristic read to you as a good read.