Something's Amiss

Something's Amiss - Yawatta Hosby

Title: Something's Amiss
Author: Yawatta Hosby
Published: Dream Snatcher Press
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Something's Amiss" by Yawatta Hosby a read will leave you much to think on long after you have finished with the novel. I found the story somewhat sad but yet uplifting in another ways. Why was that?...Well, we find that there has been a death in the family and for one of the characters(Poe) had left town living in having returned to Rhode Island for the (Jenna's)her best friend's funeral. We find that Jenna has left behind her family and friends ...Oliver, her cousin, Dominic, her husband, Lily, Oliver mom, Raven, Dominic & Jenna's daughter, and Poe, Jenna best friend. While we are mentioning some of the main characters lets not leave out some really not so intriguing ones...Kate, Oliver love interest, Leo, Poe's love interest and that Bradley, cousin of Oliver. Now, the gang is all here and I want to say that this author gives the reader such a interesting read with some well developed, captivating and colorful characters, You will not want to put it down the read because there will be so much going on that you will simply not want to miss one single thing in the fast paced read. Now, what has gone on was that there use to be a love interest with Oliver and Poe but after that didn't work out Poe had moved on with her life to another city thinking that there was nothing between her and Oliver. But was this really true? Even after all this time did Oliver and Poe still have feelings for each other? Just why did they part ways in the first place? What was the one problem that Poe thought would be a problem with them getting married? After what is all said and done will Oliver and Poe be able to talk, trust and love each other even if she did not wish for? What had been going on with Oliver that had been worrying him for a long time from his childhood? Will he be able to resolve this situation after taking with Tommy (his boss)? What had Poe's best friend Jenna planned to do to help woo both Oliver and Poe back together again? Well, from the visit back for the funeral, back and forth with friends and some non friends....we have a very interesting story with a plot and well told story. Now, to get all these questions answered and more you must pick up "Something's Amiss" to see just how this author will present it all to you. Will we find out what this life changing question that Poe needs to ask Oliver in the end at the Four Leaf Clover restaurant? Or will it be a cliffhanger for us? Now, you will have to pick up this read to see.