Just To Be With You

Just To Be With You (The Sullivans, #12) - Bella Andre


Title: Just To Be With You
Author: Bella Andre
Publisher: Oak Press, LLC
Series: The Sullivans # 12 Seattle Sullivans # 3
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Just To Be With You" by Bella Andre was the twelfth of the 'Sullivans' series and the third of the 'Seattle Sullivans.' This series was of Ian Sullivan and Tatiana Landon. The author only does what she had done so well in her other series and that is give the reader a truly captivating romantic read. We find that Tatiana knew her feeling early as she was introduced to Ian during an earlier series novel of Smith and Valentina but for Ian it will take a little longer for him to recognize it all. Now why was that? Will Tatiana be able in the end to convince Ian that he was the one for her? This was one of those novels that once starting it will be hard to stop until the end and wow what a ending! Be prepared for a hot and steamy read...in the bathtub and even the barn? Now to truly understand what, where, how and the who of it all you must pick up this excellent read to see how this author will present it to the reader. In the end you will be left saying that this was another excellent 'Sullivan' saga series which leaves the readers only waiting for the next one of the Dylan Sullivan story.